JazzVoice.com s'agit d'une communauté d'éducation de jazz vocal en ligne offrant des cours hebdomadaires favorisant la croissance artistique et professionnelle par l'entremise de cours de chant privés et/ou en petit groupe, lesquels sont enseignés par les meilleurs artistes et pédagogues.

There are three ways to learn on JazzVoice.com:

Member Classes:

Sign up for a Membership for $15-35/month or $295-$535/year and attend classes at live zoom sessions or recorded, free with the membership! Or just buy the classes you're interested in for $10-15 each. There are three types of member classes, and they correspond to the three membership levels: Masterclasses, Singer Workshops and Performer Workshops. Recordings are included (8 week time limit for monthly members, unlimited archive access for annual members)


Private Lessons:

One on one with a teacher over zoom ranging from $80-$125/hour


Small Group Lessons:

10-50 students with one teacher, meet weekly for 60-120mins, from 4-8 weeks, from $150

Become a Member:

All members can apply to sing in masterclasses



Masterclass Member:

Attend Masterclasses live on Zoom and watch recordings for 8 weeks

($15/month) or unlimited ($295/year)


Singer Member:

Attend Masterclasses + Singer Workshops live on Zoom and watch recordings for 8 weeks ($25/month) or unlimited ($415/year)


Performer Member:

Attend Masterclasses + Singer Workshops + Performer Workshops live on Zoom and watch recordings for 8 weeks ($35/month) or unlimited  ($535/year)


I’m so happy I discovered JazzVoice.com, the perfect solution for singers in these challenging times.  It’s a win-win for both the teachers and students.  I’ve really enjoyed the masterclasses and learned so much from just watching.  Each teacher brings their own special tips and teaching techniques.  It's wonderful to be able to take private lessons with well known singers that I’ve really admired and may never have had an opportunity to work with before.  There’s something for everyone here, regardless of what level you are.  Alexis has done a wonderful job of putting this together for us all, and continues to adjust and improve the site as it grows.  Bravo!


I can’t say enough good about JazzVoice.com and Alexis Cole!  The workshops offered are always first-class, and often quite innovative.  Alexis is a tireless presenter and teacher and performer in her own right.  Her dedication always comes through.  She wants to help vocalists of all levels to grow and learn.  In addition she is generous, supportive, and enthusiastic.


Your class on writing lead sheets was SOOOO helpful!!!! Actually, every class I've taken through JazzVoice.com has been...from nuts-and-bolts how-to's to masterclasses with great tips and fabulous singers. Bless you for having put this together and for caring so much!!! - Deep thanks


JazzVoice.com democratizes the art of singing. It takes jazz beyond formal study in a college and provides a community for the countless aspiring amateurs seeking a way to cultivate their enthusiasm. With access provided to seasoned professionals, JazzVoice.com members have the opportunity realize their musical dreams.


JazzVoice.com is not just for singers. It offers great opportunities for fans to get a look inside the music community and to learn from amazing singers. I have learned about singers and songs that I never knew about before. And I have a greater understanding of the techniques of singers that I have been listening to all my life.